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About This Project

Silestone® is the bestselling natural quartz surface in the world. This is not just by chance. Silestone is used both on floors as well as on kitchen and bath walls, with as few joints as possible. Silestone bacteriostatic protection makes it unique in the world market; life is fuller when it is filled with colour and textures. There is an endless range of proposals with physical and chemical properties that are the result of years of ongoing research. Silestone production started in 1990 as the first brand of quartz surfaces in the world. Silestone comes with 25 years’ warranty and it is made of natural quartz making it exceptionally hard and resilient, rated number 7 on the Mohs scale (diamond is rated 10, granite is rated 3, marble is not even on the chart).

Silestone is the ideal material for different interior applications, especially kitchen countertops, bathrooms vanities and other professional uses where minimal joints are required, as can be seen on our website http://www.silestone.com. integrated sinks with round edges giving a continuous flow to the worktop from the same material color and finish. Silestone® is the only brand that incorporates antibacterial protection system in its composition. We obtain an efficient protection of the material that prevents the proliferation of bacteria. Silestone surfaces therefore provide extra hygiene

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